Seven Simple Daily Prayers

The problem with habits is that they become habitual.  What I mean is that our good intentions of developing daily prayer habits can lead to ruts that rob our prayers of joy and meaning.  For some of us, we are far from the danger of empty ritual because our lives reflect prayerlessness.  Either way, prayer is like breath to the disciple of Jesus Christ.  If the spiritual life looks more like death, it’s time to breathe!

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First, read Psalm 86.  Take some time to reflect on King David’s prayer.  Then pray through the following seven points:

  1. Listen to my prayer (86:6)
  2. Save me and keep me (86:2-3)
  3. Make my heart happy in You (86:4)
  4. Teach me Your ways (86:11)
  5. Give me Your strength (86:16)
  6. Unite my heart to fear You (86:11)
  7. Reveal Yourself through me (86:17)

I hope these simple prayers prove to be a kickstart to a flagging prayer life or the means to begin spiritual habits to strengthen your faith.

-Pastor Andrew

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