A Foundation of Prayer


The need for prayer as a the foundation for any endeavor in the name of Jesus Christ cannot be overstated.  This Saturday we will gather together to pray about our part in God’s mission in Framingham and the surrounding area.  We have no illusions about our abilities, gifts, or talents.  We have no illusions about our own wisdom and cleverness.  We know that where we are weak, He is strong.  We know that when we reach our limits that He is proven limitless.

The vision we have is greater than our capabilities.  We have committed to “dreaming big and praying big.”  Without the Lord’s hand in it, it is but fantasy.  We do not want to be guilty of not having because we haven’t asked (James 4:2).  So we continue to pray for that we cannot achieve on our own.

If you are reading this, would you commit to praying for the vision of seeing hundreds, even thousands, come to faith in Christ?  Would you pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to be met?  Would you pray for the reality of God’s people overcoming evil with good?

By your word, O God, your creation sprang forth, and we were given the breath of life.  By your word, eternal God, death is overcome, Christ is raised from the tomb, and we are given a new life in the power of your Spirit.  May we boldly proclaim this good news, by the words of our mouths and the deeds of our lives, rejoicing always in your powerful presence; through Jesus Christ our risen Lord.  Amen.

1 thought on “A Foundation of Prayer

  1. This is the perfect reflection on prayer. Thanks for the reminder of how indispensable prayer is!!


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